Would you like to be part of a Mantra Choir Experience singing with hundreds of others in an ecstatic setting in Belgium’s Grottes De Han?

Jayadev (John Richardson) the founder of the Rubettes is facilitating this once in a lifetime experience on April 4th, 2020, in the ancient and mystical caves of The Ardennes.

He will be accompanied by some of Belgium’s finest musicians and will be recording parts of the programme for inclusion in his next record release in the USA where he has been already notched up 2 number one records in the Dance Charts of America. To stage such an event, as you may have guessed, is a costly affair and so we ask all good-hearted souls out there to support our efforts through the Crowdfunding process. In doing so you may avail yourself the opportunity of appearing in Jayadev’s Mantra Crew recording if you wish to participate that is. Or if you are unable to make the actual experience you will receive a copy of the Jayadev Mantra Crew album which is right now being prepared by Jayadev and Belgium’s wonder musician and re-mixer Andrew Chi… As some of you may already be aware, Jayadev is travelling around the world performing a unique series of concerts to support Mother Earth’s fragile condition which I think you will agree every sane minded person sees is in a precarious position.

The Concerts are entitled The Climate Change of the Heart and feature audiences singing and dancing to his now famous Mantra Choir pieces. Plus there will be musical videos which he will speak about and sing along with. The whole experience is crafted to lift up the soul of Mother Earth within her heart by singing in her mystical cave system of Han and also to inspire each of us that we can make a difference to our situation and change the course of events for our beloved planet for the better. if you would like to support our efforts in some way either by purchasing a ticket for the event (via or by simply donating an amount to our cause please do so.

If you donate 25 euros or more, you will receive a new Jayadev’s Mantra Crew album for free (please fill in your address in the form).

If you donate over 50 euros you also will receive a copy of jayadev’s book “Fun drumming” and “A Space 2 B book”.

Donations of 100 Euro or more will receive the album plus a triple album of “The best of Jayadev’s work”.

If you wish to donate more than 500 euros, Jayadev will give you his prize framed picture that he has had in his home for 50 years of himself with Alan Williams from the Rubettes!

So, if you wish to support the concert and activities of Jayadev, please do so via this form:


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Until now, we have already raised € 1181,00.